Shaalakosh - A Unified Digital System for Schools( UDSS )
POSTED BY :  Shivam ,  PUBLISHED :  25 FEB, 2018    UPDATED :  25 FEB, 2018
Shaalakosh project has been rolled out by Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD), Government of India. Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) proposes to develop a single platform that caters to data requirements of all stakeholders in the education ecosystem thats project is called Shaalakosh. The Shaalakosh App for schools will reduce the time wasted in academic administrative works and non-academic administrative works in Schools. The platform will cater to entire value chain requirements of the three key stakeholders - student, teacher and school management. Streamlining school operations and reducing the administrative burden. Shaalakosh app in Schools helps in the day-to-day functioning of schools at ease like: - To capture school infrastructure information details - Student wise details required for various schemes - Tracking of student attendance and achievement - Teachers information, attendance and leave management for timely salary disbursal - Rationalization, promotion, posting and transfer of teachers